Product marketing consulting

We help founders and CMOs in B2B software define the ideal customer profile and clarify positioning messages.


Our product marketing consulting services start with a 2-week money-back guarantee GAPs assessment.

From product concept to a focused product marketing strategy that overcomes potential market objections.

When Julie told us about their need to introduce a software innovation in the sales tech space, she had the experience, expertise, and team to make it happen.

However, like many of our clients, they needed extra capacity from a strategic partner to bring an objective perspective on how the product would fit into Introhive’s perceived market position. Also, market-test the concept, prioritize their target market, craft a differentiated product positioning and design a complete product offering to drive product adoption by overcoming target customer objections.

Many of the go-to-market strategy core elements were there. They just needed to be focused, clarified, validated, and put together into a strategic plan aligned with how technology buying decisions are made (see Low-Risk Recipe™).


We worked as an integrated extension of Introhive’s product marketing team, helping Julie’s team to gain an innovation adoption and market strategy perspective to bring new products to market.

We performed a market analysis by gathering feedback on the product concept from influencing experts in the market ecosystem of Introhive to understand current market beliefs, competitive landscape, and potential objections to adopting the new product.

Armed with the market analysis findings, we designed the ideal customer profile and a complete solution offering to drive market support by reducing objections and adoption frictions. We crafted clear product positioning messages, value proposition, and sales enablement assets aligned with market beliefs. We also advised an early adopter program execution to continue learning and refining the GTM strategy.

Julie was so delighted with the results that she extended our initial engagement to design and advise on go-to-market strategies for the success of their new products and innovations.

"Predictable Innovation really gets the job done! They've implemented a best-in-class Go to Market strategy for our new products."


Business Category

B2B SaaS

Market Category

SalesTech, Customer Intelligence Platforms

Category Stage

Mature / Mainstream

Company Headcount

350+ employees

Product Stage

Product concept and launch / commercialization

50% sales cycle and CAC reduction by segmenting, focusing the ideal customer profile, and enhancing their brand awareness strategy.


After closing a financing round in late 2021, Sincrolab had a runaway of 18 months. They needed to make the most of their funding round to gain as much traction as possible and secure the next round before mid-2023.

Sincrolab approached the go-to-market by generating sales through BOFU lead generation tactics with a broad positioning. They also invested in advertising and hired sales closers. At the same time, their product offering was based on heavily developing a core product with multiple features.

Five months after working with this strategy, Rebeca, the new CMO at Sincrolab, thought they might be having go-to-market inefficiencies delaying their growth. They had too many low-quality leads, very long sales cycles, and high CAC


After consulting with us, Rebeca confirmed her suspicions. They were using hyped mainstream tactics, whereas Sincrolab was creating a new market: prescription-based digital therapeutics for ADHD. A mainstream GTM strategy doesn’t work for early markets – and the other way around.

We acted as a trusted Product Marketing Consultancy for Rebeca, who used our go-to-market approach based on how technologies and innovations are accepted and bought by markets. 

Sincrolab moved away from a broad positioning by narrowing down its primary target market and value proposition. They divested generalistic advertising and invested a reduced amount in targeting the new ICP. Also, they reallocated sales closing (BOFU) resources to develop and educate their early market (TOFU).

Lastly, Sincrolab applied The Brand Development Wheel™ to build a more compelling brand. The Wheel guided them in creating a complimentary service to prescribe its software with in-house psychologists instead of spending all its product investments on software developers to build new core features.


A quarter into the implementation of the new strategy, Rebeca’s team achieved:


Sales Velocity Acceleration


CAC reduction


B2B Sales Closing Rates

Project Director

Rebeca Sanz Barriuso, CMO

Business Category

B2B/2C SaaS

Market Category

Healthcare, Prescription-based Digital Therapeutics

Category Stage

Early / Emerging Market

Company Headcount

15 employees

Product Stage

Seeking P/M Fit

"Predictable Innovation's completely different product marketing methods have been an absolute turning point in our go-to-market approach to drive bottom-line results."

The product marketing strategy challenges we solve.

These are the most common symptoms we've detected by helping launch 200+ high-tech products. If this sounds familiar, we can help you.

You feel uncertain about your positioning and competitive strengths to win in your market.

You feel that your product launches and press releases are going nowhere.

Your market doesn't get what you do or why to chose you over other alternatives and competitors.

You have an incomplete understanding of the value drivers for your target audience.

Your strategic positioning and messaging are based on internal guessing, not market beliefs and facts.

You have a vague or no prioritization of growth opportunities and target segments.

Your competitors are perceived as better, or your product is in the wrong competitive set.

Your sales reps, marketing, and other channels create and use their own positioning messages.

Your product/company is described differently across content sources and channels.

Your product is not included in surveys or roundups by industry analysts or research companies.

Alliances and partners are difficult to secure.

Your team complains about "high prices" and long sales cycles.

What sets us apart from other product marketing companies?

Our proven methods for B2B tech help our clients to build go-to-market and positioning strategies anticipating how markets react to innovations . Our team updated The Technology Adoption Lifecycle and created The Chasm model, later popularized in the book "Crossing The Chasm". We also participated in creating The Whole Product Concept while helping Apple and Adobe during the early 90s.

High-tech products consulted

Years of combined consulting and chief executive experience in B2B tech

Propietary go-to-market and strategy frameworks for high-tech


Who are we? Get to know us!

Product Marketing Consultant

Warren Schirtzinger

Warren is a marketing strategy pioneer for high-tech. He first observed and created "The Chasm" model in 1989, later popularized in "Crossing The Chasm" book.

He is an expert in the Diffusion of Innovations applied to technology commercialization. With our proprietary methods, Warren has launched and developed mainstream strategies for 200+ high-tech products over 30 years.

Warren guides, educate, and help founders, CEOs, and go-to-market leaders in high-tech to find the best path to grow with a go-to-market strategy aligned with the buyers' motivations.

Warren has developed the commercialization and positioning strategy for products at Apple, Adobe, and Honeywell, among other brands and startups.

Product Marketing Consultant

Jose Bermejo

Executive MBA by a top-3 Financial Times and The Economist Business School [IESE BS]. Disruptive Strategy certified by Harvard.

Jose led go-to-market strategy, sales, business development, and partner teams as Chief Commercial Officer in the USA and Europe at B2B Microsoft software partners, achieving 120% growth in less than 3 years and x3 EBITDA.

Jose is a strategy, business, and management scholar who authors and contributes to the B2B tech community with growth frameworks like The Brand Development Wheel™, an update to the Whole Product concept popularized in Crossing The Chasm book.

While directing growth with his employers, Jose launched a digital B2C real estate innovation in Spain, creating a new digital real estate market category.

Product marketing consulting packages

All the programs start with a 2-week money-back guarantee product marketing assessment to test the waters


Clarify your product marketing strategy in 4 weeks.

We'll segment your market, prioritize, find and define your Ideal Customer Profile.

We'll craft a Value Proposition that resonates with your ICP.

We'll create a differentiated product positioning and messaging platform.

We'll define your market ecosystem, the sales and marketing channels to stimulate word of mouth, and (re)position your product.

We'll deliver an implementation Roadmap.

For early stage founders seeking early adopters or product market fit.


Clarify + test your product marketing strategy in 6 weeks.

Everything in the Clarity package, plus:

We'll test the positioning messages with your target audience by using Wynter.

We'll adjust (or pivot) your product marketing deliverables with the feedback from the market tests.

We'll build your product launch plan (or repositioning) sequence.

For early stage founders and CMOs looking to launch a product at scale.

Product Marketing Scale

Get a Fractional Product Marketing Leader™ and full-service team for a fraction of a full-time salary.

Everything in the Certainty package, plus:

Remove yourself from Product Marketing or extend your team's capacity.

Gain senior management and strategic GTM skills with a fractional VP or chief.

Align product, sales, and marketing efforts.

 Improve your marketing and sales enablement assets.

We'll build ecosystem relationships, partners, and educate your market with content marketing.

We'll set up your Product Marketing technology stack, process and team.

→ 100% flexible approach. We'll be fully embedded in your organization and work towards the OKRs we define together.

For founders and CMOs looking to accelerate sales velocity, or build/scale their Product Marketing function.

Our product marketing agency services start with a 2-week money-back guarantee GAPs assessment to test the waters. We'll return your money if you don't like what you see.